Can I get an apostille in Canada? What is legalization/authentication?

Canada does not have apostilles, since Canada is not a signatory to an international convention governing apostilles. This is important if you are planning your notarized document in another country. A Canadian alternative to the apostille is a process known as authentication (or legalization). Essentially, authentication (legalization) is the process in which the notary’s credential is formally recognized by a governmental authority. To authenticate (legalize) a document, the first step is to get the document notarized. The next step (or steps) depends on where the document is going to end up. Depending on the country you are sending the document to, you may have to authenticate the document through your provincial government or through the federal Department of Foreign Affairs. To make matters more complicated, the embassies or consulates of certain countries have additional requirements. If you have to authenticate a document, your best bet is to discuss this with someone from the embassy or consulate of the country where you are sending the document.

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